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Integration of sustainability in corporate strategy

Integrating sustainability into company’s strategy is crucial to safeguard the future of the business. Successful companies acknowledge, that sustainability in economic activities and in finance is a global mega-trend with transformational impact on almost every company. We help you perform a holistic review of your business, define its social purpose and align the company’s business objectives with the needs of its ecosystem – economy, environment and society.


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Materiality assessment and risk management 

Materiality assessment sits at the heart of sustainability/ESG analysis. We engage with various stakeholders of the company, including management, shareholders, creditors, employees, suppliers and customers, to identify and map the environmental, social and governance factors that are most important for the company and society at large. The materiality assessment outlines the key ESG risks and opportunities for the company, as well as the areas of activities that have the biggest environmental and social impacts. We then help the company integrate the ESG, including climate, risks into its enterprise risk management system.


Trainings and workshops

We run bespoke training sessions and workshops aimed at providing greater awareness of the importance of environmental, social and governance considerations among companies’ employees. We also facilitate workshops and brainstorming sessions for companies' leadership - online or onsite. In addition, we organise technical training seminars on ESG measurement and reporting.


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Corporate sustainability reporting


Corporate sustainability reporting, also called social responsibility or non-financial reporting, has become part of the regular disclosures of many companies, which they do voluntarily. However, sustainability reporting is fast becoming mandatory for most medium-size and large companies in the world. In addition, regulators, investors and other stakeholders have growing expectations about usability of these reports to assess companies’ ESG performance.

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