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Padma Chukka

Not so long ago, a girl from a very traditional family fought with her father. She wanted to get out of her country, stand on her own two feet, and figure out what she could achieve. She landed at Marist College, where she graduated with a Masters in Computer Science; after meeting and marrying a wonderful man.
After her graduation, she received three job offers and chose the one from IBM. When she had the nerve to ask her manager why she was offered the job without any manufacturing experience, he told her she got the job because of her propensity to learn and her potential. She found ways to move around IBM, working on various transformational projects to challenge herself. She was blessed with two daughters, and she decided to pursue her MBA at NYU Stern while raising her young kids and integrating IBM's second-largest acquisition.
She loves to compete with herself more than with her competitors, knowing that she doesn’t have to limit her boundaries. So far, she has been capable of anything she sets her mind to yet is hungry to push her horizons. She strolled through six continents, went to Punta Arenas, the city at the end of the world, and longingly looked at the seventh continent that she wants to set her foot on one day. She is a mentor, protégée, and not afraid to claim herself a feminist. She believes that she is made up of bits of all the people that she has met, and she is currently leading the world's first Financial Services Cloud Ecosystem for IBM.